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CNC machine tool processing technology and skills

CNC machine tool processing technology and skills

1. Improve guide rail accuracy

To improve the accuracy of CNC machine tools in the production process, it is necessary to comprehensively and accurately calculate the guide rail set of CNC machine tools. If it is judged that CNC machine tools are fully functional, in general, it is necessary to use the form of CNC machine tool inclined bed, and the entire CNC machine bed presents a closed structure, which can greatly reduce the weight of the machine tool itself and fully simplify the construction technology [3]. From an official perspective, the simple structure of CNC machine tools can not only improve torsional stiffness, but also fully enhance the bending resistance of the machine tool. Only in this way can CNC machine tools maintain the best accuracy for operation under complex loads. CNC machine tool guides can choose linear guides with strong load capacity, and the shape is cylindrical roller shape. In order to ensure that CNC machine tools have strong accuracy and rigidity, in addition to linear guides, steel sliding guides can also be used to ensure the accuracy of CNC machine tool guides.

2. Improve design rationality

Nowadays, CNC machine tools in China have achieved good results in the production process and even in the production process, and the produced CNC machine tools are also widely used in the production process of enterprises. However, there are still certain defects in the structural design of CNC machine tools, which also lead to certain errors in the work of CNC machine tools. Therefore, in the process of designing the host structure of CNC machine tools, it is necessary to combine the actual needs of CNC machine tools for corresponding design. In the design process, for some important instruments and components, production enterprises need to purchase them, in order to fundamentally ensure the quality of CNC machine tool production and greatly reduce the cost of CNC machine tool production.

In the actual design process of CNC machine tools, it is important to pay attention to appropriately increasing the oscillation frequency of the machine tool and reducing the height of the center part of the CNC machine tool. Only in this way can the quantity of materials used in the upper structure of the CNC machine tool be fundamentally reduced. In order to effectively improve the accuracy of machining in CNC machine tools, it is also necessary to achieve a new design of the spindle system. If errors are only discovered after mass production of CNC machine tools, it is necessary to improve the design from the spindle direction and place the parts that have the greatest impact on the machining accuracy of the CNC machine tool on the symmetrical plane of the CNC machine tool. This can effectively eliminate the heating situation in the CNC machine tool spindle and avoid errors caused by heat.

3. Conclusion

Overall, this article first analyzes the factors that affect the processing work of CNC machine tools, and further analyzes the processing technology. With the continuous development of technology and the continuous optimization of CNC machine tool processing technology, high-quality processing technology can produce more high-quality products. If there is no effective control accuracy in the processing of CNC machine tools, there will be a significant error in the dimensions of the parts produced by CNC machine tools compared to the specified dimensions. So in order to further improve the production system of CNC machine tools, it is necessary to start with accuracy and work efficiency, control the working situation of CNC machine tools, and take effective measures to help them improve production capacity, thereby promoting the development of CNC machine tools and further promoting the long-term development of enterprises.