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Metal Sheet Stamping Parts

Sheet metal stamping service will bring valued added to your whole project.

We always adhere to the choice of high-quality raw materials and advanced process technology to ensure that every products achieve the highest quality standards and in needs of customers.     

We offer one-stop machining services from design, Cutting, Stamping, Welding to surface treatment .

To ensure efficient production and delivery here we optimized whole inner processes and adopting advanced equipments.

With the continuous development of globalization and international trade, our stamping metal products --Automotive stamping parts (hingeschains, brackets, door lock seats, Grill speakerparts....), smart home appliance stamping parts-- (chassis, Metal covers, TV back cover, Metal Holders...), communication electronic stamping parts-- (computer back panels, keyboard frames, Display back covers, printer side panels, Mobile shells...), medical device stamping parts-- (medical bed guide rails, detector back plates) and various special shapes

Parts, sheet metal parts, etc., are very popular in Australia, USA, South America, Europe, Middle East, other countries...